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Custom-made orthopedic Shoes and
Support Boots for Special Needs Children

Custom Made European Orthopedic Shoes for Children

Our Support Boots are very efficient, functional, and therapeutic tools that have been used extensively and successfully in Conductive Education.

Conductive Education, often described (...)

Children with cerebral palsy usually face muscles tone problems (such as spastic or low tone) mainly on their extremities. This affection to the lower extremities causes difficulties in their standing, walking and keeping balance. In the case of spastic tone, feet are pointing downwards, knees are bent, and obviously they need support to keep joints straight to be able to stand and walk appropriately.

In many situations, children need extra support to keep the lower extremities in the correct position e.g.: (keeping the heels down when standing or walking). This support is usually facilitated with orthoses. Our Support Boots, act like the orthoses, in fact they correct the feet and they give much stronger support than the actual orthoses. For this reason these Support Boots are a very effective and useful tool that addresses better balance, longer standing and steady walking. These Support Boots are intended to be used in the learning period of standing and walking during therapy sessions and/or in the privacy of our client's homes when they practice their walking and standing. (The boots should not be used outside on the pavement)

The Support Boots can be short (knee high) or long (up to the middle of the thigh). The short boots are very helpful for children who are learning how to stand or walk either with a walker or independently. Since the long boots are addressing the lower extremities these boots are very helpful for children whose main goal is to keep their upper body straight and balanced.

These support boots can really support and give them confidence with the weight-shifting of the legs (right-left).

  • These boots are fabricated from durable and strong plastic, intended to be used without shoes
  • The sole has a 90° angle attached to the leg part
  • These features give strong support to the legs and improve body posture
  • Velcro strips are used to keep the feet in the right position inside the boots
  • The boots come with an arch support inside and is well covered with a special sponge that allows constant comfort


These Support Boots are CUSTOM MADE, therefore, they need individual measurements. We send a measuring kit to our clients; ask them to share it with their child's therapist (conductor, orthopedist, physical therapists, etc.)who then would do the individual measurement to better address/fit the child's needs

Please allow 5-7 weeks for delivery.