Custom-made orthopedic Shoes and
Support Boots for Special Needs Children

spDesigned for individual needs

Therapists/Conductors can choose from different corrections (shown in color) according to client's individual needs. Corrections are built-in the shoes

Colored inside archsupport Colored anklesupport outerside Colored anklesupport innerside
 inside arch support  ankle support outer side  ankle support inner side
Colored lifting shoeheel outerside Colored lifting shoeheel innerside Colored lifting frontsole innerside
 lifting shoeheel outerside  lifting shoeheel innerside  lifting frontsole innerside
Colored lifting front sole outerside frontalview Colored lifting front sole innerside frontalview Colored lifting wholesole
 lifting front sole outerside frontalview  lifting front sole innerside frontalview  lifting wholesole
Colored lifting frontsole outerside Colored beltedshoe
 lifting frontsole outerside  belt inside for tip-toeing