Custom-made orthopedic Shoes and
Support Boots for Special Needs Children

Custom Made European Orthopedic Shoes for Children

What a parent/guardian says:

Loved the shoes, my daughter actually is the one that loves them!!!!!!! She will not even look at her AFO's, she loves the way they feel, her feet are more comfortable. She is also walking with flat feet better than in the AFO's. You have sold us on them. Amy H., Middletown, Ohio

Just wanted to let you know we received the shoes and they are wonderful! I'm sure will order another pair. Rachel V., Skysville, Maryland

Thank you... I've tried finding shoes for my son that are comfortable and help his feet, without leaving red marks, but never had much luck -- until now. He loves them, and pleasing a 4 year old isn't always easy. Hope you guys stay in business for a long time. We will be buying from you again. Peter F., Abbotsford, Canada

We have ordered 3 pairs of Shoby Shoes and we are very pleased with the, quality, custom- fit and "normal" look of the shoes. The company has been very flexible in working with us, measuring our child and taking extra care in following up on our orders. I would like the shoes to arrive quicker than they do, but this is part of the custom process. We have found no other custom shoe manufacturer that even comes close to the superior quality and fit of Shoby Shoes. Sarah A., Lexington, Maryland

Our daughter is a non-walker and so many times we gave up finding shoes, letting her wear only socks and her AFOS. Needless to say, in the cold winters, or in the hot summers this solution has been less than ideal. Our dauther's new shoes are not only very comfortable, but are very stylish and are comparable to the shoes other girls her age wear. This is very important to us. Thanks so much. David T., Chico, California

What a Physical Therapist says:

I could see these shoes being used more extensively in the younger population as therapists are bidding their time before jumping to bracing. D. Gardner., NY

Thank you for bringing these shoes to the U.S. As a conductor, I have already had a great experience with them. I believe these shoes have helped my clients gain their confidence due to their customized comfort, better balance, and maximum relief of pressure-points. My clients are very pleased to have the opportunity to order them here. These shoes have made my work much more efficient. Eszter B., Washington D.C.