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Custom-Made Orthopedic Shoes and Support Boots for Special Needs Children

Custom-Made Orthopedic Shoes for Special Needs Children

Shoby Shoes LLC. was formed by educators working with special needs children for more than ten years. Our mission is to provide an alternative orthopedic device to special needs children, to support and complement their typical development, and to estimulate children's self-confidence.

Shoby Shoes stand out from the fact that these are Custom-Made Orthopedic Shoes. This is a particular difference from other assisting shoes available from an inventory or in-stock. They have significantly assisted many children that needed specific designs, particular corrections, and extra features. Shoby Shoes allow children to gain stability, allowing adecvate movement and function. These Custom-Made Shoes address problems such as pronation, supination, club foot, low muscle tone, mild spasticity, leg shortening, and others.

We understand that there are different good products on the market but we saw the need of an alternative or/and a complement to orthotics/orthoses. We are confident that Shoby Shoes Custom-Made Orthopedic can really benefit many children . Shoby Shoes are a great orthopedic device for special needs children (especially cerebral palsy). They facilitate movement by compensating and correcting individual problems.

In the design and manufacture of Shoby Shoes we strictly follow the finding of medical analysis. These factors are considered when the therapists/conductors measure the children's feet . Each custom-made shoe is tailored to fit each client’s parameters and are made to suit individual needs and biomechanics.

Some benefits of using Shoby Shoes Custom-Made Orthopedic:
  1. Provide great support of normal anatomic movements with appropriate compensation.
  2. Prevent atrophy of foot muscles
  3. Can substitute orthetic insoles
  4. Give healthier ventilation
  5. Stimulate children’s self-confidence
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